Jan 16, 2013

CBC Project - Best Recipes Ever - Cooking Show

A few months ago, my girlfriend Aleah and I had the opportunity to create two original paintings for the newly renovated CBC cooking show set, Best Recipes Ever.

With the set finally finished and new episodes launching this month, I wanted to share our final product. 

If you're lost for thought on your next meal, be sure to check out the site/show for some great ideas.


Sep 24, 2012

Maritime on a Dime - Fashion for Poor People

Check out my amazing mention today featured on Maritime on a Dime!

Halifax based, fashion blogger Jacquie Rutherford will lead you through all of the latest fashion needs and  while maintaining your budget. Her creative, yet witty writing style will leave you coming back for more! 

Here are a few pics from her blog below.

Let me also mention that all of Jacquie's photos are taken by talented, budding photographer Adam Bangay. Check out his site too.


Sep 19, 2012

New Amherst - Model Home

An unique opportunity to showcase a few pieces of art has come my way.  

I was fortunate enough to add some finishing decor details to one of the beautiful model homes, part of the New Amherst upscale community development located between Cobourg and Port Hope, ON.

I had a great afternoon wondering the newly staged home that was filled with empty wall space. Nothing is more inspiring than working with a blank canvas! 

Check out some pics below, or here for more details on the stylish, neighbourhood project.


Sep 14, 2012

Urban Loft

Thanks to Laverne at Urban Loft, you can find a few of my pieces at her main street Cobourg shop.

The inspiring, two story loft space is filled with great home decor items, along with a fun collection of original artworks by local artists. 

If you happen to be in the area this weekend, check out their up to 50% off sale!

Happy Shopping!


Sep 7, 2012

Homemade Salsa

Ok last vegetable post I promise.

After being inspired by all things tomato, I couldn't resist sharing this delicious, fresh homemade salsa recipe I found online at Seasonal Ontario Food Blog. With everything in season why not.

If you like it spicy, I substituted a few of the jalapeno's for scotch bonnets peppers. (Gloves needed!)

Enjoy :)


Sep 4, 2012

Vickis Veggies Tomato Tasting

On Sunday I experienced euphoria at the very unique Heirloom Tomato Tasting that took place at Vickis Veggies, a country farm in the County (Prince Edward County that is).

As a fresh field tomato lover, I was blown away when I discovered that the event was headlined by the opportunity to taste over 200 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and with free admission to boot!   

For those of you not in the loop, Heirloom tomatoes are distinguished by their rich ancestry - inclusive of hundreds of varieties that were quite common years ago. Unlike the handful of breeds at our local supermarkets that have been perfected for better commercial value, Vickis Veggies raises around 320 varieties of these colourful, flavourful fruits, and is single-handedly keeping the old-school tomato farming traditions alive.

Next time you stumble across a plethora of green, orange, yellow or striped tomatoes, I recommend trying a few. Whether you use them in a salad, or in a toasted tomato sandwich, the results will not be disappointing.

Better yet, if you are interested in growing a plant or two of your own, the County farm does sell their seedlings the last two weeks in May (a few of my favourites include, Green Zebras, Russian Chocolate and Little Lucky's).

For all of my Torontonian friends, you can also find a seasonal Vickis Veggies stand at Evergreen Brickworks and the Wychwood Barns weekend markets.


Aug 30, 2012

Picasso AGO

Having read a Picasso biography during my recent year abroad, I began to understand the passion and pain that filled both his life and his works. As I learned more about the artist, the more I longed to get up close and personal with his collection of masterpieces.

Needless to say, I was devastated to discover that the Museé National Picasso in Paris was closed for renovations until 2013.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that upon my return home, I would be able to catch the end of a special Picasso exhibit being held at the AGO in Toronto.

And to my surprise, the touring exhibit was fantastic! The collection was not only comprised of his more famous works, but also of older and more rare pieces that I was better able to appreciate after having read the book; particularly the large collection of portraits depicting his many wives, mistresses, and muses!

Although I wasn't able to explore as many Picasso's as I would have liked while in Paris, I still had fun exploring his old addresses and local hangouts.


Aug 21, 2012

Prince Edward County

Thanks to the wonderful team at SideStreet Gallery (be sure to check out their Facebook page!) for displaying a few of my latest pieces in their super cute gallery in downtown Wellington.

The space exclusively promotes local artisans, and it's the perfect pit stop while enjoying a stay in Ontario's coolest new wine region.

Below are a few pics from my day.


Aug 20, 2012


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