Becky Simpson grew up in Colborne, ON and received a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University. It was during Illustration Classes at Ryerson that Becky was exposed to painting with oil, and her fascination with the medium flourished when she began to understand the world of color theory. 

Since graduating from Ryerson Becky has assumed various roles in the fashion industry, splitting time between New York, Toronto, and Paris.

Longing for a more creative outlet, Becky studied the principles of Encaustic Painting, and instantly fell in love with the technique.

Becky’s inspiration ranges from nature to architecture, and particularly the many landscapes that she has been lucky to experience along her way.

Having been raised in the country, and influenced by the city, her art expresses both organic, and linear qualities. From garden flowers, to ocean blues, to the grandeur of the New York City skyline, Becky uses a combination of painting and photographic transfers to communicate her vision.